​1. Price your property correctly. Obviously, you want to acquire the greatest amount possible for the sale of your property. Use every means possible to arrive at a realistic asking price. If a property is overpriced, it will remain on the market for so long that it gains a reputation for having problems. Thus, the price for which you can actually sell it becomes less than you would like or that you could have obtained earlier. Likewise, you do not want to sell it for less than its fair market value. ​

Especially if you have a large dog, you should make arrangements to be certain that this is not a problem. 

9. Be flexible. Often, the person who actually buys a home sees it while driving by with a realtor and wants to see it as soon as possible. Make every effort to accommodate the buyer’s schedule. Remember, you want to sell the house. 

10. LEAVE while the house is being shown. Most buyers feel uncomfortable discussing the house with the owner present. The buyer is trying to imagine how he or she would feel living in the house, which is what you want. The buyer needs to be able to spend some time considering all aspects of your home without feeling any pressure or feeling that he or she is imposing on you. 

11. Work with a REALTOR® ®in whom you have confidence. It is difficult for an owner to be as objective or to have as many contacts as a realtor, to qualify a buyer, or to compete with all of the real estate professionals in the community who spend every day selling property. A realtor will guide you through the entire selling process and help you achieve a fair market value for your home. 

tips for sellers

2. Consider the property from the viewpoint of a buyer. Drive up to it, look it over, go inside, and see what your impression would be if you were considering buying it. 

3. Make any necessary repairs or minor paint jobs before you put the house on the market. Do not do major renovations; usually a buyer wants to make the house fit his or her decorating scheme and lifestyle. 

4. Clean it up! A spotlessly clean house makes a great impression on a buyer. 

5. Remove all clutter and excessive items. Make it look and feel more spacious. A buyer will want to see how much closet and storage space exists. If necessary, consider putting some items in storage or eliminate unnecessary items. 

6. Maintain the yard. A pretty pot plant or flower bed enhances the property. Overgrown lawns and bushes diminish the appeal of a home.

7. Pay a lot of attention to smells. Strong animal or cigarette odors often discourage buyers so badly that they turn around and leave as soon as they enter the door. A pleasant candle or good potpourri adds to the ambience of a house. You can boil several cinnamon sticks to give the smell of fresh baking. 

8. Remove your dogs from the house or have them contained if they are outside. Many people are truly afraid of strange dogs.