tips for buyers

7. Be certain that all decision makers involved in the purchase of your home have seen the home before committing to purchasing it.​

8. Learn about the costs of acquiring a home, such as closing costs for a loan, when you begin your search. A lender is required to give you a “Good Faith Estimate” of closing costs, and your REALTOR® should be certain that you understand these costs. 

9. Work with your lender to lock in a good interest rate. Interest rates change daily, and you can usually lock in your rate for a period of thirty to ninety days while you search for your home. 

10. When you find the home you want, move quickly to contract it. It may well appeal to other buyers, and you want to safeguard your choice. 

11. Be aware that there is a certain period of time between contracting for the purchase of the home and actually closing the sale. This allows both the seller and the purchaser to complete the legal documents necessary, to complete the necessary inspections, and to complete the lending process if you are borrowing money to finance your purchase. During this time, you will have placed a certain amount of money in escrow to assure that you are serious about purchasing the property. This escrow money draws no interest. It is your money and is used to pay some of your costs at the time that the sale is consummated. 

12. Keep looking until you find a home that feels right to you. Be patient and diligent in your search. This will happen, and you will enjoy your new home. 

​2. Prepare a tentative list of the things you need or want in a home. Be prepared to be flexible about details. 

3. Get pre-approved by a reputable lender so that you know the price range of houses to consider. 

4. If possible, give the realtor a day’s notice to make appointments for the homes you want to visit. If may happen that you will see a home and need to visit it with little notice; sometimes that is possible, but not always. 

5. Realize that every home is unique. There will be small changes that each owner will want to make to suit his or her lifestyle or decorating scheme. Consider the things which are difficult to change, such as the floor plan, rather than the color of paint. 

6. Insist on quality. There are well built homes in every category and price range. You will be glad that you did as you live in the home. ​

1. Find a REALTOR® with whom you are comfortable. This should be a licensed professional who is very knowledgeable about the local housing market. Stay with that one person, rather than switching. He or she can show you all of the local listings on the multi-listing system. You do not need to use a different person simply because you see a sign showing that someone else has a property listed. ​