​You need to know why you are selling the property. Reasons vary, such as having a job transfer, outgrowing a house, downsizing after children have grown, finding a different property that you want to purchase, settling an estate, simply wanting to move, or utilizing the funds from selling property for other purposes. The basic reason for your sale will determine many other considerations. 

You need to consider how long a period you are comfortable with having the property on the market before it sells. You may be willing to market your property over a fairly long period of time. However, if you are pushed to make a move rapidly, this should be a consideration. In either case, your needs will determine how it is marketed. 

In pricing your property, there are many variables which combine to make a reasonable asking price. These include, but may not be limited to, the location of the property, the type property you desire to sell, the size of the building and of the lot, the condition of the building and its different components, the age and appearance of the fixtures and systems in the property, the amenities, the condition of the local economy, recent sales of comparable properties, the national economy and interest rates, your time frame for selling the property, any financial obligation which is connected to the property, and the overall appeal of the property. I will work with you to evaluate the impact of each of these and will provide you with a comparative market analysis to help you arrive at an asking price for your property. 

There are many advantages for you in choosing to use the services of Natchez Realty to help sell your property. Please contact me so that I can explain these services in person. 

This is what I will do to help you.


1. Meet with you at the property at your convenience to help you consider your options and to help you evaluate the property. 

2. Prepare and present to you a comparative market analysis showing the actual prices of similar properties which have been sold and which are currently on the market. 

3. Help you arrive at a price which will achieve your goals in selling your property.

4. Explain the documents which are legally required in selling property. I always use the most recent forms which have been prepared and approved by the Mississippi Association of Realtors. 

5. Explain the potential expenses which you might have at the time of selling your property. These costs generally are: obtaining a Warranty Deed; having a pest inspection and making possible repairs in the event of infestation; bringing the property up to the City code required for the transfer of utilities, if necessary; paying your prorated share of the annual property taxes; and paying the realtor’s commission. There are some additional costs if you sell your property to a buyer who uses FHA financing. 

6. Give you detailed information concerning the means which I will use to advertise your property after I list it for sale. 

7. List your property for sale at the price and terms which you feel will give you the most optimum position to meet your goals in selling your property. 

After listing your property, I WILL: 

8. Promote the sale of your property with enthusiasm. 

9. Make photographs of your property to use in advertising. 

10. Write advertising copy designed to attract potential buyers and realtors to the property. 

11. Work with you to develop an advertising campaign for your property. At a minimum, I will advertise your property on my website, NatchezRealty.net; on my website at Realtor.com; on the Natchez Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service; and in other appropriate and technologically updated media, all at MY expense. 

12. Assure that other members of the Natchez Board of Realtors have an opportunity to visit your property, which encourages their cooperation in selling it. 

13. Place a sign on the property, with your permission, indicating that it is listed for sale with Natchez Realty. 

14. Work closely with you after listing your property to contact you to make appointments prior to each showing of your property and apprise you of the results of each showing. 

15. Help you with staging and other details which will enhance the property so that it shows to its advantage. 

16. Place a lockbox on the property, with your permission. This is a secure lockbox which enables only licensed realtors who are members of the Natchez Board of Realtors to obtain a key for showing the property at the time of each appointment. 

17. Be certain that potential buyers are ready, able, and willing to purchase your property. 

18. Present and explain every offer to purchase your property which is received. By law, every offer must be presented to you, even if it is far below your asking price. You always have the option of accepting the offer, rejecting it, or making a counter offer. 

19. Negotiate on your behalf to achieve the price and terms which you desire, after receiving an offer to purchase your property, even if this entails making multiple offers and counter offers. 

20. Be certain that all documents and work necessary for the closing of the sale of your property are completed in an appropriate and timely manner. 

21. Help you obtain and schedule any contractors required, such as a pest inspector. 

22. Be available throughout the selling process to help you in any way possible and to answer your questions. If I do not know the answer to a question, I will help you find the correct authority to answer your needs. 

23. Be present for the closing of your sale to be certain that the sale is consummated to your satisfaction. 

24. Provide you with a list of all of your expected expenses, which occur only after a purchaser has signed a contract to purchase your property and has been totally approved for the purchase. When you list your property with Natchez Realty, you and I will negotiate my commission, which will be stated in the contract signed at the time. I am responsible for advertising the property at my expense, for showing it only to qualified buyers, for ascertaining that all necessary documentation is in order, for negotiating on your behalf when you receive an offer to purchase the property, and for helping you through the closing of the sale of your property. 

25. Use my attention to details, professional knowledge and experience, and commitment to exceptional personal service for my clients to make certain that your experience in working with Natchez Realty to sell your property is a step above your highest expectations for quality, service, and integrity. 

Please contact Rena Jean Schmieg at Natchez Realty to list and sell your property. ​

​There are many basic things to consider before actually buying a home, selling a property, or buying investment property. 

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