Meet Rena Jean

I have always loved houses! From building castles in the sandbox and houses carved out of soap, I graduated to making houses among the roots of giant live oaks or laying out rooms with bricks, wood scraps, or even sticks. Of course, there were doll houses, tree houses, and box houses; a group of large wooden packing boxes provided endless variations. I traipsed through the bayou (a deep ravine with some drainage at the bottom) to find a secret place to build a club house of sticks and branches that no one could find; but, alas! I had gone so far up the side of a hill that it was a simple matter for the boys in the neighborhood

to look over the edge of the bayou to see it...and destroy it! I quickly realized the importance of what is truly important about houses, even club houses for kids-- LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! 

The most wonderful thing, though, was that throughout my life, my parents taught me to really look at architectural details and to distinguish among and appreciate the tremendous variety of building styles in Natchez. Growing up in one of the antebellum tour homes in Natchez gave me a unique perspective and ability to understand the importance of the quality of construction and the individual characteristics of homes. 

In addition to building three new homes, my husband and I have restored two period homes and several period buildings which we have used commercially. He taught me so much about construction, the systems which make a house comfortable, floor plans, and amenities, always with emphasis on quality. The pictures below, taken from the same spot, are before and after views of the rear of my home, which is a Louisiana federal style house dating prior to 1800, which we have restored. There is always hope for a house if it has character! 

​Being able to impart my knowledge and understanding of houses to my clients is important in my helping you obtain a home which will be a very special, comfortable place for you, or in helping you sell your home to your advantage. The same criteria and demand for quality exist for homes of every period, size, and style, from the most basic small house to the grandest antebellum mansion. 

Another very important factor in my helping you is that I KNOW Natchez, its neighborhoods, its streets, its houses, and its people; this enables me to help you select your perfect location and area. 

Because I speak Spanish and French, I have been privileged to work extensively with people from other countries and a variety of backgrounds. This is helpful for clients who prefer to conduct their business in their native language. 

I having been involved in historical preservation and tourism in Natchez all of my life, going from guiding a tour bus at age ten to serving as an official tour guide. In utilizing my knowledge of Natchez, I have spent many years helping others learn about the community and its treasures. My goal is to help you find a home which you will love and which will be your own special treasure. ​