Buying A Home

​I absolutely love my home! It makes me happy to think about it; to drive up to it; to see it; to be in it; to work, play, and live in it. I want you to find a home which makes you just as happy and content, and I will work tirelessly to help you accomplish this. 

Searching for a home can be exciting, frustrating, exhausting, wonderful, anxious; and then, suddenly, you find THE house! You just know when you have found that special place and the search is over. 

It is exciting to me to be a part of helping you achieve this goal of acquiring a home to love and enjoy. My assistance to you will be a step above your highest expectations for personalized services and professional expertise. 

When you begin to consider buying a home, you will have some definite needs and desires. I will begin to help you by meeting with you and discussing your ideas. My first job is to listen and to help you analyze and prioritize your housing needs. I will explain the entire process of purchasing a home and go over the documents which are required so that you understand what to expect. My knowledge of Natchez and its great variety of architectural styles and homes provides you with a special insight into the housing opportunities in this area. 

You need to know how much you are able to spend for a home. It is a good idea to get pre-approved by a lender before you begin your search if you expect to finance your home. I can assist you in learning about various types of loans and even making contact with a mortgage company or the mortgage department of a bank, if you have not already done this. 

Based on your determination of your housing needs and desires, I will help you make selections of homes to consider. We will look on a computer at the homes listed in the Natchez Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service to clarify some of your ideas and identify homes which you would like to visit. There are homes of every variety, location, and price range in these listings. As a member of the Natchez Board of Realtors and the Multiple Listing Service, I can show you any home which is listed by any member of the service. Also, because of being from Natchez and knowing the community, I usually know of additional homes which might be available. 

I will make appointments and take you to visit the homes which you select. Because of the great variety of styles of architecture in the Natchez area and the differences in the quality and amenities of various homes, you may want to reconsider and adjust your selections after seeing a few homes. Often, a person completely changes the style and type house desired after visiting several homes. We will continue to look until we find THE home that feels special to YOU.

Once you have selected a home to purchase, I will obtain detailed reports on the home so that you may make an informed offer to purchase the property. I will explain every detail of the contract involved, complete it as you instruct, and submit the offer for you. In order to submit an offer to purchase property, I always use the most current contract forms approved and provided by the Mississippi Association of Realtors. These legal documents provide all of the information, details, and clauses necessary to protect your interests. I always include as contingencies statements that the property must appraise for at least the amount contracted; that you must be able to acquire suitable financing, if necessary; that you must have the option of having a period of ten days in which to have a satisfactory inspection of the property done by a certified home inspector at your expense; that the seller must make any repairs or upgrades if required by the City in order to turn on your utilities; and that the property must be free of termites or other pest infestation. Your offer may also include special contingencies, such as requesting that certain unattached items remain with the property. 

I will submit your offer to purchase the property to the seller, who can accept it, reject it, or make a counter offer. As instructed by you, I will negotiate on your behalf until you and the seller have reached an agreement on every term and detail concerning the purchase. 

Then, with your permission, I will work with your lender after your loan has been approved to schedule the items which you will need to accomplish prior to closing the sale. Your inspection must be completed within ten days of the total acceptance of the contract for the sale of the property by all parties. Your lender will order an appraisal of the property. Your attorney will prepare a title opinion to protect your legal title to the property. Meanwhile, the seller will have his or her attorney prepare a deed to the property, will have the pest inspection, and will make any repairs or adjustments required by your contract. Throughout this period, I will be in very close contact with you to assure that your interests are protected and that every detail is moving smoothly to a satisfactory conclusion. 

Finally, the day arrives for the closing of the sale! I will go with you to the closing so that I will be available in the event that there are questions or problems to address. After signing your name on an entire stack of legal documents and going through them with the closing attorney, you will have bought a home. All of the hard work of your search is worthwhile when you open the door to your new home with your own key! Thank you for allowing me to help you open this door. ​

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